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Organization Structure

This is an approved, established, and operating structure of the DNG Tanzania for governing and management of the organization. Here you can see how we set up our organization. The setup helps us work toward pushing a global agenda of Sustainable Development 2030 through transforming the community.
The Organization Setup
The DNG Tanzania is a member based non-government organization which made up and governed by the constitutional established organs or bodies.  The organization is categorized their organs in two categories;
  • Firstly, there is a Governing Bodies (comprise General Meeting and Board of Directors). The organization governing bodies are the overseer of the organization day to day responsibilities.
  • Secondly, there is a Management body (which include organization staff lead by the Executive Director). The organization management body is responsible with implementing day-to-day activities of the organization include directives from the govern bodies of the organization. The management body is reporting to the govern organs of the organization.
General Meeting - GM
The general meeting of the DNG Tanzania is a supreme organ of the Organization which composed of all members of the organization, board members, staff and invitees. The decision in this meeting shall be by majority vote of members attended the meeting.
Board of Directors - BD
The board of directors are among the govern body of the organization which oversee the management of the organization by approve budget, program, staffing, give strategic directions and directives to the management.
Management Team - MT
This is also a vital part of the organization which is carried out all tasks and activities of the organization. The management team include number of staff to fill in program, finance and partnership, they all under the supervision of the Executive Director of the organization.
The Communities
Refer to the entire communities whereby the organization work on, and in one way they are affected by the organization operations. The communities involve the target group of the organization both primary and secondary, donors, partners, and much more.
These are set of expertise and specialist in different field who are contact by the organs to seek some technical advises.
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