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About Us
Welcome to our website where you can find some details about our initiavites, intervation, partners,
our target group, our impact and much more.

The Deploy & Nurturing Gallery (DNG Tanzania) is a Non-Governmental Organization, not-for-profit making legally registered in Tanzania with registration number 00NGO/R/1418. Legally authorized to operate to the national level. The organization's head office is located in kwaiddi, Sakina, Arusha city, Northern Tanzania with Tax Identification Number 148-580-162. The DNG Tanzania envisions to have a well-transformed community with better living standards free of poverty.

DNG Tanzania focuses on health, gender issues, business and human rights, education, community empowerment, environment, and climate change. With a mission to mobilize resources, engage the community, and support their development initiatives in order to achieve sustainable development through conducting studies, training, advocacy, capacity building, and awareness-raising.

The primary target groups are marginalized communities’ especially children, women, youths both girls and boys. In order to maximize visibility and benefits to our target communities, we provide tailor-made social economic surveys and data collection services to variety of stakeholders. Currently, the DNG Tanzania working in Arusha region  cover three district of Arumeru, Arusha and Monduli.
What we mean...??!

DEPLOY; is an act of mobilizing Community members strategically, and making them ready to face challenges on their own.

NURTURING; to help marginalised people grow and develop against community challenges.

GALLERY; refers to a room or a place (resource center) where deploy and nurturing taking place.

DNG stand for
Our Vision
A well-transformed community with better living and free from poverty.
Our Mission
To mobilize resources, engage the community, and support their development initiatives in order to achieve sustainable development through conducting studies, training, capacity building, and awareness-raising.
Our Objectives
  1. Empower the community to develop knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to help them survive.
  2. Promote the delivery and access of education and health services for vulnerable groups in the community.
  3. Make the Community more aware of the protection of the environment and the development of agriculture.
  4. Mitigate cultural misconduct such as mistreatment, discrimination and inequality against marginalized groups through the promotion of human rights.
Our Value
  1. Inclusiveness - We do not discriminate, we work with every interested person or group, local or international, without exception.
  2. Integrity - We believe that in whatever we do, honesty and transparency are our number one priority.
  3. Excellency - We work to promote quality performance and a culture of working passionately to one’s best capacity.
  4. Teamwork - We believe that working collaboratively and understanding each other is key to achieving our goals.
  5. Collaboration - We aim to impact the community at large through volunteering, networking, and partnering with others.
Our Actions
  1. Resource mobilization.
  2. Research and Studying.
  3. Designing and implementing the project.
  4. Disseminating knowledge and information.
  5. Vocational training, capacity development and advocacy.
  6. Attract and co-ordinate volunteers, trainees local and international, retired, secular or religious, in the short or long term.
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