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DNG Tanzanania - Deploy and Nurturing Gallery
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About Us
Deploy & Nurturing Gallery (DNG) is national and local a non-profit, non-governmental organization, originally founded by five enthusiastic young activist members (3 females and 2 males) with shared vision and synergetic efforts to stimulate solution-based local initiatives basing on equality and socio-economic justices

Our History
Deploy and Nurturing Gallery abbreviated as (DNG) was dully established and registered in Tanzania as a national NGO under the NGOs Act Cap 56 (R.E 2002 of the Laws of Tanzania) with registration No. 00NGO/R/1418. It is not for profit, non-partisan but a membership organization working under the rights-based principles and approaches (transparency, participation, and accountability) that strives to improve the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized communities (rural and the urban poor) by empowering women, youth, children and person living with disabilities.

DNG was originally founded by five enthusiastic young activist members (3 females and 2 males) with a shared vision and synergetic efforts to stimulate solution-based local initiatives based on equality and socio-economic justice. The organization has now expanded its membership base to 11. The organization is headed by the Board of Directors with offices currently based in Arusha. In essence, the founding members from the initial Board of Directors are DNGs operating in mainland Tanzania. In the meantime, DNG’s main operational focus is the four regions of Tanzania’s northern zone including Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Manyara, and Tanga.

Ideally, the founder envisages the potentiality of joining efforts together with the essence of bringing tangible changes to the community’s needs. The founder of the organization Mr. Nhojo Allan Kushoka holds a Master of Arts in Rural Development from the Sokoine University of Agriculture. He got an idea about mobilizing talented youths and focusing on their community's problems and challenging themselves by coming up with innovative and sustainable solutions to the community's existing problems. Most of the members are graduates professionally like Teachers, accountants, and social practitioners.

This is a reason why DNG comes into existence to complement government efforts to empower the community. The organization's essence is including address the existing problems or notions among the community that they have to wait for the government to do all of their needs. Through bringing them together and educate the purpose of self-starting self-initiatives that needed to be carried out to provide solutions to their own problems in all aspects of socially, economically, environmentally. Those solutions will be sustainable by making them interactive to integrate into all community aspects and stakeholders within and outside their community.
DNG stand for
Our Meaning...??!
An act of mobilizing Community members strategically and making them ready to face the community's most pressing challenges on their own.
To help, to develop, to support the marginalized to overcome community-pressing challenges on their own by utilizing existing opportunities.
Refers to a room or a place (resource center) where deployment and nurturing take place.
Our Vision
Empowering communities for a better life, free from poverty, discrimination, and marginalization.
Our Mission
To foster strategic community engagement, mobilize resources and support local initiatives through advocacy and capacity building, driving innovation and promoting sustainable development.
Our Objectives

To foster good governance, transparency, and accountability through civic engagement, advocacy, and promoting social accountability mechanisms.

To collaborate with local and international organizations, governments, and communities to promote sustainable development and achieve our shared goals.

To promote equitable access to education, healthcare, and basic needs for marginalized communities.

To empower individuals and communities through capacity building, leadership training, and economic opportunities.

To advocate for human rights and social justice, particularly for women and children, and marginalized groups.

To promote environmental sustainability and conservation through community-led initiatives
and advocacy.

Continuous improvement of organizational capacity and effectiveness through training, technology adoption, and best practices

Our Philosophy
Our Value
We do not discriminate, we work with every interested person or group, local or international, without exception.

We believe that in whatever we do, honesty and transparency are our number one priority.

We work to promote quality performance and a culture of working passionately to one’s best capacity.

We believe that working collaboratively and understanding each other is key to achieving our goals.

We aim to impact the community at large through volunteering, networking, and partnering with others.

We are committed and passionate to volunteering so as to challenge ourselves and change the world.

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