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Your Idea, Your Project
"Wazo lako, Mradi Wako" An entrepreneurship project whereby the we seek and identify talented youth with the innovative project idea, then mobilize resources to help implement their ideas under our close supervision.

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Implementation Status
A Project Brief
In Tanzania there are so many graduates on the street, and yet colleges and universities every year produce graduates with various knowledge. Still, unemployment become the devastating problem that hinder youth’s dream. As the majority of graduate have high expectation of getting good job after collage, unfortunately their desire and expectation are fade due to highly saturation of employment market.

DNG come up with this innovative project which provide some opportunities to few graduates who has got unique idea that can provide a solution to a certain problem in the community s/he live. This will contribute into creating employment opportunities to those graduate by select the best project idea(s) and fund the project after mobilize resources. The project will be owned and implemented by the graduate under close supervision and support from the DNG.

Your Idea, Your Project will be run as a completion during a specific period of time where advertisement will be made, and graduate will apply by getting application form, submit their project ideas, shortlist, interviewed. Select won the completion and engaged into induction period before start implement his or her project.
Project Requirement

Project Details
Start Date:
Considers the potential of joint efforts and the essence of bringing tangible change to the needs of the community.

Email: info@dng.or.tz
Mobile: 255 713 004 481
Mobile: 255 787 756 802
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