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What We Do
We use innovative approaches to reach out to all Communities particularly the underserved ones through engaging and supporting their development initiatives under these focused areas to complement National programs, agenda, and the attainment of the United National Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.
Thematic Areas | Our Projects | Our Reports and Documents

Our Thematic Areas
Our Projects
Project Name: No Longer Left Behind
Project Code: NLLB - TGKCH
Location: Kisongo, Arusha DC
Donor: Project Rose Global
Started Year: 2022
Project Activities: Establish and Run TGK children's home, and empower marginalized families
Target: Most Vulnerable Children
Implementation Strategy: Partnership with Project Rose Global Inc
Project Donor: Elizabeth T.G. Klingele
Project Reports:  Not Yet
Project Name: Adolescent Girls Power
Project Code: AGP
Location: Arumeru District
Donor: CRVPF - Children's Rights Violence Program Funds, a Uganda based organization
Started Year: 2022
Duration: 6 Months (October, 2022 to March, 2023)
Project Activities: Planning and Learning
Budget: 5,468.00 USD
Target: Adolescent Girls in Arumeru District
Implementation Strategy: Cluster Partner (DNG Tanzania a leading Organization and other two partner NGOs Tumaini Jipya and Vuka Initiative
Project Reports:  Not yet
Project Name: Advance Equality through Human Rights Education
Project Code: AEHRE
Location: Maruvango, Meru DC
Donor: Tusonge CDO Equitas
Started Year: Joined 2021
Duration: 2 Years
Project Activities: Community Dilaogeues Run TGK children's home, and empower marginalized families
Budget: 12,229 USD
Target: Women, Girls, and Boys
Implementation Strategy: Cluster (Four CSO) WEGS, CEDOSOTA, Smart Community Legal Aid and DNG Tanzania
Project Reports: Media | Video |
Project Name: Civic Education
Project Code: CE
Location: Maruvango, Meru DC
Donor: DNG Tanzania/Own
Started Year: 2022
Duration: N/A
Project Activities: Conduct public awareness and education campaigns on various issues like GBV, climate action, sustainable agriculture, mental health, drugs, human rights, etc
Budget: no specific
Target: Women, Girls, Boys, Youths,
Implementation Strategy: Direct and implementation engage with using Local Government Authorities
Project Reports: Video | Media |
Comments: Need support donate this
Project Name: 16 Days Activism Campaigns against GBV
Project Code: 16DAC-GBV
Location: Arusha, town
Donor: Own contribution
Started Year: 2021
Duration: 3 Months (October to December)
Project Activities: Event launching and campaigns in schools, Universities
Budget: 1,274.00 USD
Target: Students in Primary, Secondary schools, and universities
Implementation Strategy: Cluster Partner (MKUKI Arusha nine CSOs work together
Project Reports:  Download
Comments: This campaign is an every year activities, it need support to make it sustainable and cover a large area.
What We Do in Videos
Some of our videos are from our partners.
Civic Education on drugs to students at Maruvango Secondary School - DNG Tanzania
Power Analysis Capacity Building -<br />DNG Tanzania
Meru DC Maruvango Ward Advancing Equality Through Human Right Education Project DNG Tanzania
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