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A Schoolchild with a SMILE
"We support schoolchild with some school needs like uniforms, books, etc.
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Implementation Status
A Project Brief
It is more than 5 years now since the Government of Tanzania started to implement a free education policy, where primary and secondary education is offered free to public schools. No school fees charged, the government every month send free education funds to all public school in the entire country. However, still, some parents/guardians fail or hardly provide school necessities to their school kids such as uniform, shoes, textbooks, pencil, bags, etc. Which, make school kids attend school uncomfortably and affect his/her academic progress and performance.

DNG finds out this is a community problem that needs to be addressed, that’s why the organization dedicates her resources to bring a smile to the school kids who experience a mention challenge, by support with school necessities. The effort is done under the project name “A Student with a Smile” cherish their dream.

The project not ended on support student only, but also empower parents/guardians with entrepreneur skills and help them start Income Generate Activities, which will enable them to provide school necessities to their children.

Methodology We use,
Using school teachers to identify the needy students, interviews, home visitation, screening, enrollment, and registry to the project database, secure funds/donors, support, and monitoring.

Currently, the project is started in two districts of Arusha regions which Monduli DC and Arusha DC where 5 schools with 20 children reached.

You can engage in this project by volunteer, sponsor a child, give school materials or money.
  • $ 5.00 can buy pencils for 10 students or a textbook for 3 students.
  • $ 10.00
  • $ 20.00 uniform to 1 student
  • $ 15.00 shoes to 2 students.
Project Requirement

Project Details
Start Date:
Give a little, Change the world.
Considers the potential of joint efforts and the essence of bringing tangible change to the needs of the community.

Email: info@dng.or.tz
Mobile: 255 713 004 481
Mobile: 255 787 756 802
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