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Our Project Portfolio
List of our project ideas, implementing and upcoming.

A Schoolchild with a Smile Project
More than five years have passed since the Government of Tanzania began implementing a free education policy that provides free primary and secondary education for public schools.
No school fees charged, the government sends monthly free education funds to all public schools throughout the country.

However, some parents/guardians fail or barely provide school needs for their children such as uniforms, shoes, textbooks, pencil, bags, etc. That, make schoolchildren attend school uncomfortable and affect their academic progress and performance.

Your Idea, Your Project
In Tanzania there are so many graduates on the street, and yet colleges and universities every year produce graduates with various knowledge. Still, unemployment become the devastating problem that hinder youth’s dream.
As the majority of graduate have high expectation of getting good job after collage, unfortunately their desire and expectation are fade due to highly saturation of employment market. This project design to offer opportunities to those graduates with innivation ideas that can bring changes to their community.
Your Idea, Your Project Graduates
iVSLA Project
The traditional VSLA (Voluntary Saving and Loan Association) holds a common graduate character after a certain period of time, most of the time after 12 months. By which, the amount of money paid in the form of shares or savings by the members of the group/association is distributed to members according to their shares and profits made during this period.
The process is in a respectively mode, of restart and graduate, time after time. Therefore, the system remained in a viscous cycle of "pause and restart" with a basic business of keeping money, lending money, and distributing all money and profits to members.

Your Idea, Your Project Graduates
RC - Resource Center
This is a project with the intention of establishing a Resource Center where people can access it to obtain useful information and resources about different aspects of their livelihood, and learn different skills like how to start a project, skills of entrepreneurs, etc.

The RC will be provided with all requirements such as computers, internet connectivity, support staff, mentors.
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