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Improved VSLA or Sustainable VSLA it is an innovative project that seek to transform VSLA from its ordinary system of graduate after every 12 months.

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Implementation Status
A Project Brief
Traditional VSLA (Voluntary Saving and Loan Association) have one common character of graduate after a certain period of time, mostly after 12 months. Whereby, amount of money contributed as share or saving by group/association members are distributed accordingly to their shares and profit gained for such a period. The process is in a respectively mode, of restart and graduate, whereby after agreed time all the saving and profit gain from the loan are distributed to all members as per their saving and profit raised. Thereafter they start saving and the business continue, saving, loans and distribute.

Improved VSLA (iVSLA) it is a sustainable, in sense that it’s not give a room for graduating/distribute all the saving and profit gain from the VSLA and restart saving. iVSLA project under DNG is aiming at transform ordinary or traditional VSLA into improve VSLA. In iVSLA, will keep on contribute their savings and access loan, whereby lending period is extended from three months to six and 12 months, and loan amount increased. This iVSLA also attract investment opportunities for the association and or individuals members.

How the project is done
Identify existing VSLAs and or saving group both registered and none, conduct trainings on iVSLA, register willing VSLA and saving groups into the project. Support them with training and facilitation toward sustainable VSLA.
Project Requirement

Project Details
Start Date:
Give a little, Change the world.
Considers the potential of joint efforts and the essence of bringing tangible change to the needs of the community.

Email: info@dng.or.tz
Mobile: 255 713 004 481
Mobile: 255 787 756 802
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