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How Mistakes Happen

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Published by kushoka in Quotations · 16 November 2020
Tags: mistakes
Stop blame, try to understand!
Everyone makes mistakes. Some people learn from them, while others repeat them. Here is what you need to know about mistakes.

There are different types of mistake:
  • real mistakes – occur when the wrong process is carried out
  • black-outs – occur when part of a process is forgotten
  • slip-ups – occur when the right process is carried out incorrectly

There are various levels on which mistakes occur:
  • skill-based level
  • rule-based level
  • knowledge-based level

And there are various factors that contribute to mistakes occurring:
  • people involved– boss, team, colleagues, friends
  • technical provisions – equipment, workplace
  • organizational elements – task to be fulfilled, timing
  • outside influences – time, economic climate, mood, weather!

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