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About us
DNG is acronym for Deploy & Nurturing Gallery.
D - Deploy. Is to mobilize, and make them ready to face community challenges and diversities.
N - Nurturing; To help them grow, develop and manage community challenges.
G - Gallery. A room or place (resource center) where deploy and nurturing is taking place.

Our Story
Founded in 2019 by Mr. Nhojo A Kushoka, Deploy & Nurturing Gallery (DNG) is a grassroots, youth-led non-governmental organization. In 2020, he bring on board Tizo Joseph to join effort together and make the establishment of the organization. In 16 October, 2020 got its registration number 00/NGO/R/1418 legally authorized to operate to the national level. Later on other members join the initiatives.

DNG was established in response to the need to engage, support and Develop Community members especial Children, Youth and Women in the fight against economic, educational, health, environmental related challenges.

To overcome these challenges, DNG carries out research and outreach in three program areas (thematic) area; Education, Environment and Empowerment. To date, DNG has started projects in youth mentoring, education support to vulnerable children, vocational skills, agricultural value addition, entrepreneurship, environment conservation, sexual reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS.

How the organization work and operate, is through mobilise resources, coordinating volunteers to work on projects, seek funds to execute project activities and partner with other development partners like NGOs, Local Government Authorities, Agencies etc.

All those efforts aiming at spark development changes to the community.

Our Thematic Areas

Community empowerment activities address unemployment, Entrepreneurship skills, improved livestock keeping and farming.

Activities to support education sector include repair, construction of school facilities, support OVC, refresher course to teachers etc.

Environment clearing activities, Trees planting campaign, Conservation, Adocacy Smart agriculture, Rain water havest technology etc
Our Vision
A well-transformed community with better living and free from poverty.

Our Mission
To mobilize and utilize resources toward empower the community in alleviating poverty through conducting studies, training, capacity building and awareness raising.

Our Objectives
  • To empower community with knowledge-based and entrepreneurship skills inorder to make them sustain their livelihood.
  • To promote provision and accessibility of education and health services to the community.
  • To raise Community awareness on environmental conservation and agricultural development.
  • To facilitate community toward alleviation of bad cultural practices like abuse, discrimination to marginalised women and children as a means to promote legal rights.

Our Actions
  • Knowledge and information dissemination.
  • Skills training, capacity building and advocacy.
  • Resource mobilization.
  • Attract and coordinate volunteers, local and international, retired, secular or Faith-based, short or long termed.
  • Project design and implemention.
  • Event organizing to share opportunities.
  • Researching.
  • Utilize volunteer’s efforts to benefit the community, in the fields of education, medicine, agriculture, athletics, Business, etc

Our Value
We do not discriminate, we work with every interested person or group local or international without exception.

We believe that in whatever we do, honesty and transparency are number one priority.

We work to promote quality performance and a culture of working passionately to one’s best capacity.

We believe that working collaboratively and understanding each other is key to achieving our goals.

We aim to promote leadership through volunteering for the benefit of others.

Our Members
Membership of the Organization is voluntary and open to any individual who has attained the age of 18 years and above, of sound mind and who is ready to join hands in supporting and promoting the vision, mission and objectives of the Organization.
Founder members:
These are members who made the initiatives to establish this Organization;
Ordinary members,
These are members who join the Organization after its establishment;
Honorary members,
These are members who shall be awarded such membership by the Organization due to their positive contributions to the community and Organization objectives.
Apply Membership or Volunteer Email us.
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DNG Tanzania
Considers the potential of joint efforts and the essence of bringing tangible change to the needs of the community.

Reg: 00/NGO/R/1418

Email: info@dng.or.tz
Mobile: 255 713 004 481
Mobile: 255 787 756 802

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