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Adolosecent Girls Power Analysis
Adolosecent Girls Power Analysis, Young mothers share their experiences and suggest solution to their own challanges.
We believe, that by bringing communities together and guiding them finds solutions to their own problems; solutions will last longer and be embraced by the community.
With a bit of your generous support, gives hope and transforms the lives of the needy. Knowledge, skills, capacity builds, morals, materials, financial, etc.
We believe that each and every small action we take brings a spark of Community change; a positive and sustainable change.
Civic Education
Saving tomorrow, educating and acting now, and raising awareness of problems seem normal, and paying less attention, but has ruined the dreams and future of most children and youths.
Sustainable Agriculture
To promote sustainable agriculture, land, and water must be used efficiently to reduce the negative impact on the environment and ensure productivity and food security.
Welcome to DNG
The Deploy & Nurturing Gallery (DNG Tanzania) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. We believe that engaging the community and supporting their development activities by finding innovative, viable, and sustainable solutions to their existing problems and difficulties is the only way to strive toward eradicating all types of poverty...learn more
Our Focused Areas

Health, Education, and Social Economic Empowerment
Our interventions focus on empowering marginalized groups to create social and economic opportunities, advancing gender equality, empower girls and women against all forms of violence.
environmental prooject dng tanzania
Livelihood, Environmental, and Food Security
Every human action(s) that led to environmental destruction has a trickle-down effect globally. Collective and innovative interventions need to save the planet is to save our life.
Human Rights Awareness Campaign MKUKI Arusha
Gender, Children, and Human Rights
Everyone should fulfill his or her responsibility to respect human rights, which are basic rights and freedoms that protect us all. They are based on dignity, fairness, and equality.
Our Impact
In the year ended December 2021 being a growing organization, we managed to impact as you can see a brief statistics of our works.
Touching Live, Changing Lives
We can’t help everybody, but anyone can help someone.
Inspire DNG Tanzania
What we do for ourselves dies with us.
School Materials DNG Tanzania
No one has ever become poor by giving.
Volunteer DNG Tanzania
Challenge yourself to change your World.
Economic Empowerment DNG Tanzania
Our legacy remains and is immortal.
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